Welcome to Baseball Player University!

I’m Jeff Forney host and founder of Baseball Player University. With nearly thirty years of baseball experience as a collegiate & professional player, a major league and division one college coach I’m proud to present Baseball Player University Instructional TV show to players, parents, and coaches. We have tapped into the arena of baseball experts to bring you hard hitting information to help you reach your goals as a coach or player. Our army of baseball experts bring their passion and love of the game of baseball right into your living room. Hundreds of years of professional experience and countless hours of research and study have been done, so that you don’t have too. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge in baseball coaching, instruction, hitting, fielding, pitching, medical information ,catching, speed and core training, nutrition, mental training, and so much more. This team has been instrumental in compiling and packaging up this baseball information into our tv show and website, and bringing it right into your living room on a weekly basis. Our goal is to pour into the lives of young players through the game of baseball and help them reach for their dreams and goals in the game. Baseball Player University is your resource for cutting edge training information. I’m proud to present Baseball Player University – “Where the field is your classroom”

BPUTV Wants To Help You


Dream Big! Our emphasis is on skill development to enhance your game. BPU is a vehicle that helps maximize your potential, so that you can reach your destination. Our instructional drills serve as a road map on the journey to enhance your baseball skills.


Work Hard! Our focus is on providing you with a plan to achieve your goals. Good baseball players dedicate themselves on the field. Great baseball players dedicate themselves on and off the field. In addition to baseball specific drills, BPU offers education in strength and conditioning, nutrition, and the mental game. Our guidance serves as the most efficient route in elevating your game, much like a GPS.


Play On! Our goal is to help you achieve success on and off the field. The BPU team of professional coaches, scouts, current and former players, as well as college coaches, nationally recognized mental and physical conditioning instructors, aims to empower you in the process of getting to the next level. Our team serves as your guide on the road to success.